Paradise “camp fire”

This was not a post I planned on making, but I need to. Today a fire ripped through Paradise Ca and basically leveled it. The fire is burning so fast, at a rate of 80 football fields a minute. People needed to get out of their house as fast as possible in order to stay alive. In order to get out of town people needed to drive down Skyway with flames on both sides of the road with wind blowing it across the road. As many people tried to escape their home to safely they were met with fire barriers and would have to find a parking lot to wait out the fire going across so they could leave. For many people this who situation has been terrifying. 


So far, the fire has burned 20,000 ackers of land, but by the time you read this it will be more. Firefighters had stopped trying to battle the fire and were just concentrating on helping people get out safe. There are 2,289 fire personnel, 303 fire engines, 59 fire crews, and 11 helicopters to try and help battle this fire.


I have family and family friends who lived in Paradise. They are all safe, but they have lost their homes. Thankfully the most important things were saved, family members and pets. Right now, everyone who lived in Paradise are worried about friends, family, and making sure they all have places to sleep tonight. As time goes on, they will want to go back to their houses to see if anything was left. After that they will start to think about re-building.  

Fire 1

I have already started to think about the things that they will need in order to re-build. I am now collecting anything and everything that people can spare in order to help. Some of the most basic common things that are needed are clothing, food, and bedding. Because this fire spread so fast a lot of people were unable to collect some things. I am going to collect things and then next week bring them up to Chico for them to use and share with others who need it.

If you are interested in helping by donating items that you no longer need and you live in the bay area, CA please message me. My email is

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