Been Away For A While Due To Being Overworked And Stressed

It has been a few months. This was not my intention to take some time off and not post, but things got crazy. I still have the posts I was working on while I was trying to build a sales and marketing department. Needless to say that did not go as planned and there are many reasons for that and I will create more posts to go into detail about that. I also will clean up and add to the posts I was working on and post them so you can still see the process. I did learn a lot from that experienced and others can learn from my accomplishments and my failures. In the end it did not work out for me, so I moved on from that company. There is drama about that, but it will come in later posts.

So I did leave my last job for one that I thought would be better. Turns out it is better in some ways and in other ways not so much. Sometimes when I get frustrated at my current job I think I miss my old job, and then I have to remind myself the reasons I wanted to leave. The final and main reason that I left my old job was because I felt unappreciated.

A lot upper management tends to think the reason that people leave their job is because they are unhappy about something small or that they just don’t like their work, but most of the time the main reason employees leave is because they do not feel valued.

For me it was years of things building up, but what tipped the scale for me was the fact that I was being paid 16% above minimum wage for salary. A couple years later I was back at minimum wage for salary. As minimum wage in general went up my salary did not. That meant that I was taking a price cut each year, but I was not working less or taking on less, in fact I was taking on more. I always did what was asked of me, even if I was not trained for it, but that didn’t seem to matter. Then when I brought up the fact that I had not had a raise in years, yet others had, I was told that I needed to take on something new and then once I succeed we will talk about a raise. That was frustrating, everything I had already done was not good enough. After that I found it really hard to care about what I was doing. I tried to remain positive and see the good things in my job, but it got hard. Then I was given a new job within the company that I had never done before, not the first time with this company, but I was up for the challenge. Well guess what it turns out that I was set up to fail. The President of the company came to that same conclusion after I was already gone. The company I worked for was not a bad company, but I can say that it is not managed like any other company I have ever worked for. It is a company, but it is run as a mom and pop company still. They are good people though.

Don’t get me wrong it is not all bad at my new job. I really enjoy the people I work with and I enjoy my work. What I don’t enjoy is working such long hours.

I work 10 – 12 hour days and commute to work one hour each way. So I am gone for about 12 – 14 hours a day. When I get home all I want to do is eat dinner and relax. At first I was working so much, coming home eating dinner, and then falling asleep. Then I finally got to a point where I would be able to stay up later and have me time. Then I did the math and realized that I will basically work 10 or more weeks more a year than I was working before, with all the overtime. That started to get to me and I was depressed for a while. I wanted to blog, but I didn’t have the drive for it. I would think about it and then when it came down to sitting down and doing it, I just felt overwhelmed and would not start. I really enjoy playing video games in my free time to distress and have fun and I didn’t even want to do that. It even got to the point where my boyfriend kept telling me that I could put in my notice anytime I want and then look for another job. Who knows I may take him up on that, but for right now I am at a place where I am ok.

I will talk more about the good and bad of my job in my next post.

If you have stuck around with me and are still reading my posts, Thank You!

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